ProtoArray Services—the power to discover

With the power to profile more than 9,000 interactions at once, our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists performs the assay and analysis, freeing you up to pursue the important questions

What Our Services Team Provides
Our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists is available to aid in experimental design. The ProtoArray team will work with you to help meet your discovery needs.

Biomarker Discovery Assays
Discover novel biomarkers from serum or plasma

Protein Specificity Assays
Profile antibodies for specificity, and look for unique interactions with proteins, peptides, or small molecules

Modifying Enzyme Assays
Find novel substrates for kinases, ligases, and other modifying enzymes

FAQs: ProtoArray Discovery Services

What is the timeline for ProtoArray assays?
Most assays are completed in 4–6 weeks. Please contact us for information about your specific assay.

What is delivered for my service?
All ProtoArray services include delivery of the raw data and a comprehensive report detailing the service and data analysis.

What if I don’t have the protein I’m interesting in assaying?