With a 30-year heritage recognized for service and innovation, Life Technologies strives to be your trusted advisor and partner, offering innovation and education well beyond service and repair. Life Technologies—formed from the merger of Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen—has a lengthy history of providing extraordinary, highly valued service, leveraging technology, people, and process improvements. Our goal is to surpass your expectations with every encounter.

In 2005, we were named among the top “Best Practice” winners by the Aberdeen Group for our excellence in managing and delivering aftermarket services through the Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Service.

In 2007, our mobile delivery solution helped our customers experience improved response times and instrument uptime, and was featured in numerous review articles and case studies.

In 2008, Applied Biosystems was rated the #1 “Best Value” in the Life Sciences industry for minimizing costs and maximizing the quality of our service plans.*

We vow to continue to exceed your expectations every day through our knowledgeable and trusted service-network and engineering teams, and our proactive, predictive preventative care and audit-quality compliance services.

Precision Instruments Require Precision Service
Available Only to Life Technologies™ Contract Customers


A Life technologies™ service plan will provide precise, predictive, and proactive care to extend the life of your instrument investment and minimize disruptions in your lab.


  • Certified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts—all parts used to develop and repair your instrument are built under stringent, high-quality manufacturing processes that include continual improvements and enhancements through a closely coordinated partnership with our vendors.
  • Highest quality service—certified, highly trained engineers deliver the optimum service experience, backed by a best-in-class escalation process that opens all resources of the company to quickly resolve your issue.
  • Highest quality support—our Remote Service Center is staffed with experienced engineers that help troubleshoot instrument, software, and chemistry issues via telephone so that you can quickly address system challenges and/or routine repair questions. Service plans also include Field Service Engineer support for all analysis software products, data troubleshooting, and instrument training (for new users and new applications/experiments).


  • Priority response—AB Assurance Plan agreements guarantee on-site service within 2 business days, with no middle-men or additional delays from approvals or POs. Combined with the Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Service, potential instrument downtime can be reduced to hours instead of days.
  • No cap on parts and no hidden fees—an AB service agreement is all inclusive and hassle free. All parts, labor, and travel are included so there’s no need to dispute charges or increase purchase orders. There’s also no limit on parts or how many service calls can be opened in a contract period.
  • Computer repairs are included—computers are an integral part of instrument efficiency, so we also include the repairs required to run your system on any Life Technologies™-provided computer. If a computer can’t be repaired, a replacement computer will be supplied under the service agreement, including reloading all applicable software and settings. 


  • Planned maintenance and calibration services—we schedule and perform planned maintenance services for you so that you will always know that your instrument is running at peak performance.
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Services—with this service we notify you of potential system problems before they occur so that you can plan any repairs around your research. This helps you preserve valuable samples, time, and credibility. Plus, appropriate parts are ordered to arrive with a Field Service Engineer to ensure a first-time fix.
  • Real-time software and instrument update notifications—all of our service engineers receive on-going certification and real-time notification of updates for your instruments. Service agreement customers are the first to receive and realize the benefits of these updates.

Only Life Technologies™ service plans deliver these advantages.

Complete List of Instruments Serviced

For additional information on all service plans, please contact Life Technologies at service.sales@lifetech.com or via telephone at 800 327 3002 (toll-free in US only).

* Bioinformatics Report #08-008 July 2008, Instrumentation Service Contracts: Opportunities for Differentiation.