Save on service and repair year after year when you purchase an instrument and extended warranty together online

By combining a 1-year or 3-year extended warranty with your online instrument purchase, you’ll save up to 25% on the combined instrument and warranty list prices* and help ensure dependable service and support when you need it. 

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  • Minimize instrument downtime and reduce overall repair costs
  • Get fast repair turnaround time from factory-trained and certified service engineers
  • Extend the life of your instrument and keep it running at peak performance
  • Gain peace of mind with repair and maintenance from the company that manufactured your instrument

Protect your new instrument and your investment

Your laboratory instruments are central to your research and their uptime is critical to the success of your lab. An extended warranty package will help extend the life of your new instrument and help ensure it runs at peak performance—year after year.  

Minimizing your downtime is our #1 priority

When software and hardware inquiries arise, our dedicated and experienced Technical Support teams will troubleshoot and walk you through repair solutions by phone. Should an instrument require repair after the original warranty period, our factory-trained and certified service engineers will quickly diagnose, repair, or replace your instrument according to your warranty plan.

Extended warranty packages at a glance


Extended Warranty Package

  Rapid Exchange
AB Repair Center
AB Repair Center Plus
(ABRC Plus)
Years of additional warranty coverage 1 year, 3 years 1 year, 3 years 3 years
Response time Replacement instrument shipped in 1 business day and received within 3 days Your instrument repaired and returned within 3 weeks of receipt Your instrument repaired and returned within 3 weeks of receipt
Off-site repair service including shipping, parts, and labor




Priority phone and email access to remote service center




Loaner instrument included    


Extended warranty packages are available online for the following instruments:

ProFlex PCR System Extended Warranty Packages

Veriti Thermal Cycler Extended Warranty Packages

SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler Extended Warranty Packages

Countess Cell Counter Extended Warranty Packages

For more information about our extended warranty packages, please contact a service sales representative at

Phone (toll-free in North America only): (800) 955-6288, select 3, then 2.

*Note: The instrument and warranty packages described on this page are available for customers in North America only.