Cell Culture and Analysis

Life Technologies, through its legacy Invitrogen business, has been the leading provider of cell culture supplies for more than four decades. Our GIBCO® brand is one of the most trusted and respected in the industry for culture media, cell lines, sera, and related reagents. A high-quality portfolio of primary and stem cells and related reagents, competent cells and yeast strains, as well as cell lines designed for drug discovery assays completes our offering. 


Biologics manufacturing processes pose unique challenges. From improving cell line titers, optimizing media formulations, and scaling cell culture production to performing same-day critical impurity analysis and reducing purification run times, we understand how to meet your needs. The biotherapeutics and vaccine manufacturing solutions offered by Life Technologies are driven by a single goal—to move you more quickly from molecule to market.

CHO Cells

We have developed a set of novel parental lines derived from Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells, which are optimized for growth in suspension in chemically defined media, and for recombinant protein expression. We also offer GMP-banked DG44 cells for maximal traceability.

Commercial-use licenses to use our CHO-S and DG44 cell lines are available for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, vaccine production, veterinary, human diagnostic, and other companies interested in using our cell lines to produce proteins for sale. Licenses are priced competitively, and include access to a complete documentation package which includes detailed lineage information, as well as testing data. The documentation packages greatly simplify regulatory submissions for the resulting proteins and can be included with New Drug Applications for FDA fillings. We also offer rights to use our CHO cell lines in contract research and contract manufacturing services to develop protein-expressing lines for third-party clients, whether the resulting proteins are designed for use as therapeutic agents, in diagnostics assays, for incorporation into vaccines, or for life science research. Please contact us at outlicensing@lifetech.com to learn more.

If you are interested in using our parental CHO cell lines as an expression platform in your business but would like assistance in development of stable transfectants, optimization of expression levels, or custom media development, please see cell line services to learn how we can help you.

Cells and Cell Lines for Drug Discovery

Rights to many of our drug discovery technologies and products are available to companies interested in providing commercial research services. Examples of key technologies and products for which such rights can be obtained are listed below.

Primary and Stem Cells

Primary and stem cells are useful for establishing model assay systems for high-throughput screening, secondary screening, and lead validation, which closely mimic the in vivo state, generating physiologically relevant data. Each lot of cells that we provide is performance-tested for viability and growth potential.

We also offer complete cell culture systems optimized for each cell type, as well as custom cell and media solutions for unique research needs. 

Cell Lines
Our GeneBLAzer® and Tango™ assay cell lines use our patented beta-lactamase reporter gene technology in combination with fluorescence resonance energy transfer, enabling highly selective, sensitive, high-throughput screening assays for use in drug discovery.

Competent Cells and Yeast Strains

We also offer a full line of competent cells and yeast strains for transformation using the cloning vector of your choice. The PichiaPink™ System is a Pichia pastoris (yeast) expression system intended for convenient and cost efficient protein production at small, medium, and large scale. To learn how your company can provide these cells as part of a product or commercial service offering, please contact us at outlicensing@lifetech.com.  Please see Cloning and Expression Technologies (link to Cloning and Expression OEM web page) for more information about our portfolio.

Cell Isolation Technologies

For companies interested in producing cells for sale or for use in a commercial test such as sample preparation for an automated diagnostics assay, Life Technologies Dynabeads® magnetic particles provide an ideal solution. Our ClinExVivo™ products facilitate the isolation of high yields of pure, viable, and functional cells. Your cells are not exposed to the stress of passing through a dense column, and there is no risk of your results being adversely affected by the isolation method.

To learn more about obtaining rights for commercial use of any of our cell culture, cell, and cell line products and technologies, please contact us at outlicensing@lifetech.com.