Fluorescent Calibration Standards

Life Technologies has a wide variety of fluorescent reference and calibration tools to ensure that your instrument or assay is working properly. If you don’t find a ready-made solution, we have the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to customize these technologies to fit your individual needs. From fluorescent reference dyes that meet strict NIST criteria to our expertly crafted fluorescent microspheres, we have the tools you need.

Microsphere Standards

Our fluorescent microspheres have a variety of control and calibration applications in both flow cytometry and microscopy. With intelligent choices about the type of dye, the staining technique (internal, external, multicolor), and reproducible sizes and intensities, our fluorescent microspheres can be used in many different ways.

Fluorescent microspheres provide flow cytometry users the means to calibrate laser alignment, compensation, flow rate, dynamic range, drop delay, and other daily adjustments. Our microspheres for flow cytometry are stained internally and are therefore insulated from environmental interactions that could cause variable fluorescence output, resulting in excellent signal stability. The dyes used are spectrally matched to common lasers and are highly stable. Furthermore, due to their narrow emission profiles, we can make beads with different fluorescent colors that exhibit minimal spectral overlap, and little or no color compensation is needed when setting up multicolor experiments.

To obtain accurate and reproducible results from fluorescence imaging applications, it is essential to maximize the performance of the optical system. We offer a variety of microsphere reference standards designed to facilitate adjustment and calibration of both conventional fluorescence microscopes and confocal laser-scanning microscopes. These standards are useful for checking both 2D and 3D alignment of different filter sets, to check for chromatic aberration, and as general tools for calibration of intensity and size. 

Reference Dye Standards

Our Reference Dye Sampler Kit provides ready-made stock solutions of five extensively characterized fluorescence standards for use in spectrofluorometers and fluorescence microplate readers. We are also the source of a fluorescein standard which is directly traceable to the standard chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. These are just a couple of examples of the many reference dyes we make. See the complete list

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Flow Cytometry Calibration Imaging Calibration Reference Dye Standards


Molecular Diagnostic Controls and Calibration Standards

AcroMetrix, now a part of Life Technologies, has leveraged its core competencies to build a strong product and technology portfolio of innovative molecular diagnostic quality control products that have assisted our partners in expediting the development and commercialization of new molecular diagnostic technologies. We are always interested in developing and fostering new partnerships with organizations engaged in technologies and products focused on the molecular diagnostic industry. We are willing to enter into custom development and co-development agreements, clinical studies partnership agreements, and co-marketing arrangements. Our standards and controls include materials produced from naturally occurring clinical specimens, synthetic target-specific sequences, recombinant vectors containing target-specific inserts, tissue and cell culture materials, or synthetic RNA.

SynTura™ Technology
Ask us about our proprietary SynTura™ technology for RNA-based controls and standards.  We can design, develop, and manufacture internal controls, wide-dynamic range panels and daily run controls, as well as assay-specific positive controls that are customized to meet your needs. SynTura™ Technology is based on bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), a single-stranded and enveloped mammalian RNA virus closely related to HCV (Stable recombinants of bovine viral diarrhea virus containing a hepatitis C virus insert, Baroth M, Peters Y, Schoenbrunner R, Behrens SE, Journal of General Virology. 2010 Jan 6). The technology allows the generation of viral RNA controls and standards behaving similarly to human enveloped viruses like HIV or HCV. SynTura™ technology is also very useful for generating internal nucleic acid testing controls and quantification standards. The AcroMetrix OptiQuant®-S HCV Quantification Panel, based on SynTura™ technology and containing the complete HCV 5'-UTR insert, is widely used for the validation or verification of clinical quantitative HCV assays. Custom versions can easily be generated.

We also offer a portfolio of serology standards and controls, including disease-specific IgG preparations and infectious agent–specific antibodies.  Please see the table below for examples of materials that are available for testing for use in blood screening applications.

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Customization and Quality Systems
Our Research & Development department is always actively pursuing new projects.

Our team of experts will be happy to address your special needs, whether it is part of our catalog or not. Customization is our world! All products developed under this program are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility according to the following Quality Systems:

ISO 13485:2003 Multi-Site Certification
Compliant with cGMP/QSRs (US), ISO, IVDD and other regulations (EU)
Product in compliance with ISO 17511:2003 (Metrological Traceability)                                


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The following materials are available for beta testing by potential OEM customers:




VZV (varicella zoster virus, quantified in copies and stored in a synthetic matrix)
CMV (intact cytomegalovirus particles dried onto filter paper, designed to mimic dried blood spots used for congenital CMV testing and useful for assay calibration)
EBV (Epstein-Barr virus, quantified in copies and stored in a matrix of normal human plasma)
HAV (hepatitis A virus to be used for the development of controls and panels—also used for blood screening applications)
Parvovirus B19 (used for the development of controls and panels—also used for blood screening applications)


VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci, including Enterococcus faecium and Enterococcus faecalis, which are positive for VanA and VanB, stored in a synthetic matrix)
CT&NG (intact Chlamydia and gonorrhea bacteria to be used for various quality control applications in sample types such as swabs and urine)


HPV-FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded mixture of HPV type 16 and wild type cells, to mimic HPV-positive tissue)
KRAS-FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded mixture of KRAS mutants and wild type cells, to mimic KRAS mutation-positive tissue)


CF (cystic fibrosis)


Rubella IgG   For use in blood screening applications
Rubella  IgM For use in blood screening applications
Syphilis Ab For use in blood screening applications
HIV p24 Ag For use in blood screening applications


Synthetic Stool Matrix (to be used to simulate patient sample materials in applications such as C. difficile)

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