Tools for Purification, Separation, and Isolation

Life Technologies offers a broad portfolio of industry-leading brands spanning reagents to instruments. Our sample preparation and magnetic particle technologies set the standard for automated human diagnostics applications. We are pleased to provide you with access to use these sample preparation products and technologies in your contract or fee for test research, diagnostic, or other commercial services business, as well as for resale on an OEM basis as part of an added-value kit or other product offering. In addition to a wide portfolio of off-the-shelf products, we also provide customized product development services to our commercial-use customers.

If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration, custom development project, license, or OEM agreement related to any of these technologies or products, please contact us.

Dynabeads® Magnetic Separation Technology

Dynabeads® magnetic particles are integrated into more than 25,000 diagnostic instruments worldwide. In addition to the wide portfolio of off-the-shelf Dynabeads® magnetic particles we offer, our patented technology and proprietary knowledge enable customized product development to meet your specifications for size, density, and surface properties. We can also provide you with custom conjugates of nucleic acids, proteins, and other ligands. We rely heavily on our intellectual property, and hold a strong portfolio of trade secrets, international patents, and patent applications covering both the production and use of many of our products.

Dynabeads® magnetic particles are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, and 21 CFR part 820 US QSR to meet our customers’ specific regulatory requirements. The high levels of capability and experience within our R&D, process development, manufacturing, and regulatory organizations are valuable assets for our customers.

ChargeSwitch® Technology

The CST® (ChargeSwitch®) polymer can be used to coat different surfaces including beads, microplates, and flat surfaces, and provides a switchable surface charge dependent on the pH of the surrounding buffer to facilitate nucleic acid purification. Under low-pH conditions, the CST® polymer has a positive charge that binds the negatively charged nucleic acid backbone. Proteins and most other contaminants are not bound and are simply washed away with an aqueous buffer. To elute nucleic acids, the charge on the coated surface is neutralized by raising the pH to 8.5 using a low-salt elution buffer. Purified DNA elutes instantly into this solution, and is ready for use in downstream applications. The CST® polymer can be made available on an OEM basis or for use in your commercial services business.

MagMAX™ Technology

Magnetic beads offer many benefits for isolating genomic and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of sample matrices including blood, serum, swabs, tissues, and cells. With Ambion® MagMAX™ technology, nucleic acids bind more efficiently and reproducibly than glass fiber filter methods, resulting in higher and more consistent yields. Furthermore, the MagMAX™ protocol is extremely fast, simple, and amenable to variety of automation formats.  MagMAX™ products are manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards to meet our customers’ regulatory requirements.

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Sample-to-Answer Technology

Cells-to-Ct™ technology makes it possible to perform expression analysis directly from cultured cells, without RNA purification. With a 2-step, 7-minute sample preparation procedure and results equivalent to those obtained using laborious RNA purification, this technology enables you to save time and offers an optimized workflow that is suitable for a few samples or can be easily incorporated into automated, high-throughput applications.

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