Gibco Cell Culture Basics is an introduction to cell culture, covering topics such as laboratory setup, safety, and aseptic technique. You'll also find basic methods for passaging, freezing, and thawing cultured cells. Start here if you are new to cell culture techniques or need to refresh your knowledge.

The virtual training lab is an introduction to cell culture, covering many topics including

  • Basic principles of cell culture
  • Preparing a new cell culture
  • Performing a cell passage
  • Cryopreservation

The Gibco cell culture basics lab is endorsed by The American Association for Cell Biology (ASCB). Gibco and ASCB are committed to cell biology education. As part of our partnership you will receive discounted membership to ASCB after completing the virtual lab.

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A companion handbook that introduces the fundamentals of cell culture. Download a copy to keep as a frequent reference guide.

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Course description

Mammalian cell culture is an integral tool in many workflows of biological study, and this course is designed to provide key tips and best practices for maintaining healthy cell lines and obtaining the most accurate and reproducible results in downstream applications.

Who should attend?

This basic-level course is designed for life science professionals or students with little or no direct experience working in a tissue culture laboratory, or those wishing to refresh or expand on past experience.


You should have read the Gibco Cell Culture Basics Handbook and completed the Gibco Cell Culture Basics virtual lab.

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Gibco Cell Culture Basics Videos

Gibco Cell Culture Companion

Capture and store vital experiment information on your iPhone or iPad in the lab as you count cells, perform cell culture calculations and generate growth curves. And when you're finished, you can export all data files to your Mac or PC.

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