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BioProbes Journal is our award-winning print and online magazine highlighting a myriad of cell biology products and applications, including Molecular Probes™, Invitrogen™, Gibco™, and Ambion™ reagents as well as Novex™ antibodies and immunoassays. From new technologies and practical applications to journal highlights and web tools, we keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs from our scientists.

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BioProbes 73  

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Optimize immunodetection with recombinant secondary antibodies—
Superclonal secondary antibodies for sensitive and reproducible immunoassays

Sensitive immunodetection in cells and tissues requires high-affinity antibodies that exhibit minimal background staining. Invitrogen™ Superclonal™ secondary antibodies represent a breakthrough in recombinant antibody technology, providing sensitive binding to their targets and very low levels of nonspecific staining. Because of their consistent performance from lot to lot, these next-generation secondary antibodies are becoming the reagent of choice in both research and clinical applications.


Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Compare multiple dyes and design and select a combination of cell structure probes

Molecular Probes™ Handbook

Comprehensive guide to fluorescent probes and labeling technologies