(March 2007)

Take a closer look at Invitrogen's emerging technologies in BioProbes 52. In this issue, you'll find products for applications in cell biology, flow cytometry, imaging analysis, kinase detection, and more. Read about the new Premo™ cameleon calcium sensor, a genetically encoded, FRET-based tool for live-cell calcium measurements. Learn about Click-iT technology, which features novel kits and reagents for glycoprotein profiling. Find out how to optimize the fluorescence labeling in your in vivo imaging experiments using SAIVI Alexa Fluor Antibody/Protein Labeling Kits. And discover how three fluorescent probes each address a specific facet of stem cell research.

Download the entire  BioProbes 52 publication (2.46MB) or the individual sections below. 


Emerging Technologies

  • Listening in on cellular communication: Premo™ cameleon calcium sensor.
  • Click. Discover. Publish: Click-iT™ glycoprotein profiling reagents.
  • Optimally labeled fluorescent antibodies for in vivo animal imaging: SAIVI Alexa Fluor® Antibody/Protein Labeling Kits.

Stem Cell Applications

  • From a stem cell perspective: Three fluorescence-based cell biology probes and their application to stem cell research.

Cell Biology

  • Multiparametric approaches for studying apoptosis: Unraveling the spatial and temporal components of programmed cell death.
  • TC-FlAsH™ and TC-ReAsH™: Live-cell imaging and protein labeling tools.

Imaging Analysis 

  • In situ hybridization made easy: FISH or CISH? Two ways to visualize your RNA and DNA targets in situ.
  • Fluorescent probes for two-photon microscopy: Applications in neurosciences and beyond.

Flow Cytometry 

  • New applications for Vybrant DyeCycle stains: Identifying stem cell side populations and cell cycle–based sorting.
  • Journal highlight: A new approach to cell-based multiplexing expands the drug screening capabilities of flow cytometry.
  • Dead-cell discrimination in a different light: SYTOX Red dead cell stain.

Microarray Detection

  • Product highlight: Streptavidin conjugates of R-phycoerythrin—detection workhorses.

Phosphatase and Kinase Detection

  • Highly sensitive methods for phosphate detection: Three assay formats allow you to measure phosphate levels when—and how—you want.
  • Omnia™ Kinase Assays: Measure kinase activity in real time.