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OpenArray® Digital PCR Software

OpenArray® Digital PCR Software is a free Digital PCR data analysis tool for use with TaqMan® OpenArray® Digital PCR products. The software provides user support throughout the experimental workflow, from experimental design through presentation of results, and features enhanced multi-plate analysis features to meet the requirements of future research. The software analyzes real-time data to produce Digital PCR results, providing a measure of target copies per through-hole, including 95% confidence intervals around this estimate.

Key Product Features:

  • Easy design of experiments—includes a Poisson calculator to design your individual Digital PCR experiment, minimizing optimization time and sample usage
  • Efficient workflow—assists in OpenArray® workflow, automatically producing plate setup files from OpenArray® Plate bar code
  • Intuitive presentation of results—produces heat map plate views, as well as graphical outputs that represent number of copies per sample dilution; simple copy-and-paste functions enable easy export and presentation of results

Reliable Data Analysis
OpenArray® Digital PCR Software allows researchers to analyze and manage data quickly and easily. It accommodates any plate layout that you choose and presents tabular data for review, while allowing researchers to adjust analysis parameters. The software analyzes real-time PCR data to produce digital results in the form of copies per through-hole, bracketed by 95% confidence interval on the result.

Versatile Data Presentation
Data from many OpenArray® Plates may be combined into the same data project; the software calculates a digital answer for an individual subarray representing a single sample-assay-dilution combination, and also combines data from multiple dilutions to produce a single estimate. Data can be visualized in a numerical or graphical way, and can be easily exported into a comma-separated values file (.csv format) for further analysis in many third party analysis packages.


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