We've incorporated into!

Your choice for scientific solutions——now includes all Thermo Scientific™ product information, plus 19 new product areas.

On February 20, we incorporated the product and purchasing information available today on into This improvement brings the Thermo Scientific portfolio of products and solutions together with a number of our other leading brands—Applied Biosystems™, Invitrogen™, Gibco™ and Ion Torrent™—on one website, creating a simplified online experience and one place to access everything you need.

There are no changes to our products or how you do business with us. Your contacts for sales, service and support also remain the same. After this online integration, you’ll still find the same high-quality products and solutions on

We thought you might have some questions, so here are some answers:

We are retiring the website.

  • Starting February 22, the product and purchasing information available today on will be incorporated into
  • will remain active until we retire the website in April.
  • Starting in April, any bookmarks you have to pages will be automatically redirected.

Thermo Scientific products and solutions available today on will become available on

  • For products that are currently available for online ordering on, there are no changes.
  • For products that are not available for online ordering, simply click “Contact Us” to find current purchasing options (direct or by distributor) available in your country, or click “Request A Quote” and a representative will respond to your online inquiry.

No. Our products and brands remain the same, reliable ones you’ve come to trust.

Below is a summary of changes—and what stays the same—as a result of our online integration. Rest assured no action is required on your part.

What's not changing

This online integration does not change:

  • Our products
  • Our manufacturing
  • Our formulations
  • Our online product offerings
  • The website
  • Your contacts for sales, service and support
  • Your pricing, shipping or delivery times
  • Your sign in information
  • Availability of these products from your existing distributor

There is no change to how you do business with us as your vendor, so you can be confident that we will continue serving your needs.

Your online experience
You will notice several website improvements:

  • Improved navigation
  • Streamlined product categories
  • Better search results
  • Enhanced “Contact Us” details 
  • New product areas
  • New events capability
  • New educational content
  • More complete scientific workflows