Food Allergies Are Not a Joke

Dylan, Alexis, Sofia, and Brian share their #ThatKid stories to bring awareness to the potential severity of food allergies. This story is a part of our #ThatKid initiative, which aims to promote understanding and education around invisible diseases such as allergies and asthma.

We are all #ThatKid.

To amplify the voices of people whose daily lives are affected by allergies and invisible disease, we created the #ThatKid initiative. Our hope is to bring awareness to these important conditions through powerful, real-life stories, shared by people just like you. 

The goals of the #ThatKid campaign are to promote understanding, empower people through education, and help build a support network for the people with allergic disease. That said, the campaign is not just for people with allergies. #ThatKid is about starting out with a diagnosis or a label but growing beyond that label so that a condition does not define you.

Tools for Understanding Allergies


Track allergy symptoms and prepare for a visit with a healthcare provider.

Learn about specific allergens, including common symptoms, management, and relief. 

Are you a healthcare provider? Get comprehensive information on hundreds of whole allergens and allergen components.