Our customers want quality, high-performing products. We want to enable Life Science discovery with innovative, transforming technologies.

And we all want to minimize our environmental impact.

We’ve taken a great step forward…for our customers and the environment. We’ve switched the majority of our line of TaqMan® Genomic Assays from shipping cold to shipping at ambient temperatures. This means no more EPS coolers, oversized boxes and dry ice. This means that every year we will reduce our carbon footprint by over 200 tons and divert over 70,000 cubic feet of EPS from landfills. To give yourself a visual, just imagine over 100,000 Styrofoam coolers filling almost 700 dumpsters that won’t get buried at the dump.

Most importantly, ambient shipping of TaqMan® Assays has no impact to product performance, so our customers can continue to rely on the gold standard performance of TaqMan® Genomic Assays. You can even read our 20-page white paper (PDF) showing the research we did to prove product stability.

We have also celebrated this effort by planting some trees. For every qualifying purchase that was made in the first month of TaqMan® Assays shipping ambient, we planted a tree. As a result, over 1000 lovely jack pines have been planted in the Mackinaw Forest in Michigan. Thanks to all our assay customers for helping us all reduce our environmental impact.

See for yourself how sustainability can help us all tread a little more lightly in our world. Visit www.appliedbiosystems.com/ecotaqman or www.invitrogen.com/ecotaqman. Check out the cool video and white paper for more info.