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Double the benefits – a modern rheometer and 20% savings!

Modern Rheometer: Enhance workflow efficiency with the latest generation Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ rheometer, designed to meet daily requirements of QC labs. This reliable QC rheometer sets new standards in modularity, ease of use, increased efficiency and intelligent user guidance, from simple viscosity determinations to complex rheological investigations.

20% Savings: Trade-in your old rheometer and take advantage of up-front savings to get a new HAAKE Viscotester iQ system into your lab. Eligible trade-in rheometers include the Thermo Scientific™ Viscotester™ 550 or an equivalent rheometer from any manufacturer. The 20% savings offer is valid for purchases before December 31, 2018, and it extends to a temperature control module and standard measuring geometries purchased along with the rheometer.

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Rheometer trade-in offer


HAAKE Viscotester 550

HAAKE Viscotester iQ

HAAKE Viscotester Air


Measuring mode: Rotation CR (Controlled Shear Rate) CR, CS (Controlled Shear Stress) CR, CS Yield point determination in the recommended measuring mode (CS), Creep and recovery tests (Viscotester iQ Air)
Measuring mode: Oscillation Optional: CD (Controlled Deformation), CS CD, CS extended measuring capabilities (e.g. measuring viscoelastic properties, tracing phase transistions)
Angular velocity range 0.0125 min-1 - 800 min-1  0.01 min-1 - 1500 min-1  0.01 min-1 - 1500 min-1  High shear tests
Torque range 0.1 mNm - (20) 30 mNm
30 mNm bis 400 rpm
20 nNm bis 800 rpm
0.2 mNm – 100 mNm 0.01 mNm – 100 mNm Higher sensitivity in the low torque range, measurements on higher viscous samples
Shear Stress range 1.0 Pa – 100000 Pa 0.7 Pa – 63660 Pa 0.04 Pa – 63660 Pa
Shear rate range 0.6 s-1  –  9600 s-1 0.004 s-1 – 11415 s-1 0.004 s-1 – 11415 s-1
Viscosity range (in Rotation) 0.001 Pa s – 100 000 Pa s 0.001 Pa s – 600 000 Pa s 0.001 Pa s – 600 000 Pa s
Smart lift function  Sophisticated design with one-hand lift operation and easy to operate features.
Convenient sample filling and accurate measuring gap adjustments
''Connect Assist'' quick fit coupling and recognition for rotors and temperature modules Easy to handle with built in feedback loop to avoid operator errors
''Fill Assist'' tool for measuring the sample volume during filling of coaxial cylinder geometries* Avoids faulty measurement results because of from incorrect sample filling
''Temperature Assist’’ function for rapid true sample temperature control based on a dynamic heat transfer model Shows always the correct sample temperature and ensures sufficient temperature adjustment times
Self contained peltier temperature control unit Compact and portable instrument incl. cooling capabilities from -5°C* up to 160 °C* (* depending on temperature module).
No further thermostat needed. Small bench space sufficient: 270 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm 
Graphical & numerical touchscreen display  ✓✓ QC relevant information including data quality assessment and QC quality criteria are shown,
integrated job routines, with enhanced standalone capabilities for job configuration and data download

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Offer valid for orders placed between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 in connection with the product listed above. Only one promotional option is included with the purchase of a new HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer. The Promotion Code PR0019 is needed to take advantage of package pricing for the HAAKE Viscotester iQ and environmentally-friendly disposal of trade-in instrument. Instrument trade-in required to take advantage of this limited time promotional pricing offer. The trade-in instrument shall be a HAAKE Viscotester 550 or a comparable model. Please have trade-in instrument asset tags removed before the scheduled delivery date. Instrument decontamination form must be received by Thermo Fisher Scientific before it can be removed from site.

Pick up and disposal of the old system is subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific instructions.  Please include contact details with your order so Thermo Fisher Scientific can send you instructions regarding the pickup and disposal of your old system.  Subject to country and dealer participation. No redemption necessary. Valid while supplies last.  All pricing information and values based on current list price. All offers are subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific standard terms and conditions of sale. In case of participation in the “Trade-In Program” the Thermo Fisher Scientific standard terms and conditions of sale will be modified in respect of the length of the warranty period which will be extended to a 3-year warranty; please see below.

Not valid in connection with any other offer or discount. Void where prohibited by law or company policy. See representative or above for additional information. Please note that the value of the specific offer(s) the customer may receive from the manufacturer under this program can be considered as a gift or an advantage, and as a result pursuant to applicable local law, it could give rise to declaration, notification, publication or reporting.  The customer also warrants it will comply with any local law relating to transparency, as the case may be.