Cell Culture Heroes


Gibco Cell Culture Heroes spotlights PhD and post-doc cancer researchers across the globe with the primary focus of telling the story of their research. This program promotes education and creates a community amongst researchers who are driving tomorrow's breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

Heroes don’t seek recognition, but they deserve it. We want to show the world what they’re doing.

Benefits of being a Gibco Cell Culture Hero

As a Gibco Cell Culture Hero you will be a part of a growing community of global cancer researchers. Not only will you present your research to a global audience via webinar, but you will have the opportunity to share your story of success and perseverance to the world on thermofisher.com.

Meet our Gibco Cell Culture Heroes

Gibco Cell Culture Heroes are making breakthroughs in cancer research across the globe. Learn about our Gibco Cell Culture Heroes, their research, and connect through social media.


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Title Speaker Institution Country
Engineered viruses as precision cancer therapeutics
Alex Baker University of Cardiff United Kingdom
Turning to a new dimension in cell culture for cancer research
Carlemi Calitz, PhD Post-doctoral research fellow at Phamacen North-west University South Africa
Investigating DNA repair mechanisms in hypoxic brain tumours and the link to treatment resistance
Sophie Cowman
University of Liverpool
United Kingdom
Disease modeling and cancer therapy in stem cell-derived 3D organoid systems
Devanjali Dutta Hubrecht Institute Netherlands
Differentiation sensitizes stem-like glioblastoma tumor-initiating cells to mechanical inputs Jasmine Hughes, PhD UC Berkeley United States
Investigating colorectal cancer using epithelial organoid cultures
Kai Kretzshmar, PhD
Hubrecht Institute
Investigating the Role of MicroRNAs in Pancreatic Cancer Progression Silvia Ottaviani, PhD Imperial College United Kingdom
Development of anti-cancer gene therapies through understanding of cytokine-induced programmed cell death Leah Persaud  City University of NYC United States
Diet & Gene Interactions in the Control of Central Cell Metabolism Sophie Prosolek Quadram Institute Bioscience, University of East Anglia United Kingdom
Cancer cells send signals boosting survival and drug resistance in other cancer cells Jeffrey J. Rodvold, PhD  UC San Diego School of Medicine United States
Understanding cell reprogramming in treatment-resistant prostate cancer using organoids
Kristine Wadosky, PhD 
University of Buffalo, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
United States
3D Spheroid Cell Models for Drug-Resistant Cancer Research Clarissa Willers, PhD North-West University South Africa