PharmacoScan™ Solution Scientific Posters and Customer Profiles

Thank you for wanting to learn more about the PharmacoScan Solution for pre-emptively screening samples for pharmacogenomic risk factors for translational research. You may download the files below, visit the PharmacoScan Solution product pages for full product details, or send email to

Data Sheet
PharmacoScan Solution Data Sheet

Scientific Posters
Genetic Profiling of ADME Markers using PharmacoScan™ Solution
Accurate Detection of Copy Number Variants in ADME Genes Using PharmacoScan™ Solution

Customer Spotlights
Uli Broeckel, Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine and Physiology at Medical College of Wisconsin and Founder of RPRD Diagnostics
Mark Bouzyk, Founder and CSO of AKESOgen

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