The AB Maintenance In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Service Plan is a service plan designed to maintain CE- and US-IVD instrument performance with limited financial resources. This service plan is ideal for laboratories that have lower critical instrument or workflow availability needs and for those with the internal resources and expertise to maintain IVD instruments on an ongoing basis. Service and instrument hardware qualification documentation are provided as supporting proof of instrument performance and maintenance history for customer Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Key features of the AB Maintenance In Vitro Diagnostic Service Plan include:

  • Planned Maintenance (PM)
  • Instrument hardware qualification performed post PM
  • Target three-business-day on-site response time for repairs (after receipt of a purchase order)
  • Phone and e-mail access to technical support
  • Documentation for Device Service History File (i.e., field service reports, qualification documentation)

For additional information on the AB Maintenance In Vitro Diagnostic Service Plan:

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  • Telephone: 800 327 3002, option 3 (toll-free in US only)
  • Telephone: 00 800 5345 5345, option 2 (toll-free in Europe, Middle East and South Africa only)

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