Apr 23, 2018 - Apr 26, 2018
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Fort Worth Convention Center | Booth #625, Fort Worth, Texas

Visit us on booth #625 at RAPID + TCT 2018 to discover new solutions in additive manufacturing. Meet our technical experts and learn how we can help solve your toughest analytical challenges in R&D, manufacturing and failure analysis.

Electron microscopy

Learn about the new Thermo Scientific™ Explorer 4 Additive, a powerful fully automated analyzer for particle shape, size and chemistry with dedicated additive manufacturing reporting capabilities. Discover our full multi-modal, multi-scale workflows for microCT, SEM, TEM and DualBeams.

See how our Explorer 4 Additive’s automated SEM/EDX can boost your materials analysis and QA/QC on your metal powders and resulting printed parts.

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Extrusion solutions

We offer a unique solution for additive manufacturing material compounding and general polymer formulation and process scale-up using minimal materials, with quick clean-up and turnaround for rapid experimentation.

New XPS System

The Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa™ Photoelectron Spectrometer sets a new standard in high-vacuum multi-modal surface analysis by integrating XPS, UPS, ISS, REELS and Raman spectroscopy in a compact, lab-friendly design. Visit

Featured Products


Want to know what your powder really looks like?

The Explorer 4 Additive automatically and simultaneously analyzes the most critical characteristics of powders used in metals additive manufacturing: size, shape and chemistry. For printed parts, the Explorer 4 Additive identifies, characterizes and quantifies surface porosity and inclusions. With both SE and BSE detectors, the Explorer 4 Additive has all the imaging capabilities you need for further investigations of powders, printed parts and fracture surfaces. Quantifying your powders for recycling, identifying foreign contaminants, and qualifying your printed parts has never been easier.



Do you require rapid development of thermoplastics and compounding for additive manufacturing?

Our lab-scale Thermo Scientific™ Process 11 Twin-Screw Extruder enables rapid experimentation and development of materials for additive manufacturing. Using only 20 grams up to 2.5 kg of material per hour, this compounding extruder is built for rapid clean-up and quick turnaround times. Processing parameters seamlessly scale up to larger systems. Also ideal for small-scale production runs.

Learn about compounding solutions for material development


DXR2xi Raman Imaging Microscope

Looking to visualize chemical information in plastic fabrications, cross-sections and laminate materials?

Identify unknown material constituents visually using the easy-to-use and  intuitive Thermo Scientific™ DXR™2xi Raman Imaging Microscope. Analyze large  areas with ultrafast chemical mapping. Real-time chemical imaging visually  shows phase distributions and identifies crystalline structures. Easily identify  multiple features to compare and contrast contaminants, defects or areas of  interest. 

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