Same product quality and performance. No more coolers.

To minimize the environmental impact associated with packing and shipping Life Technologies™ products, we have been evaluating whether or not products that currently ship cold can be safely shipped at ambient conditions. Through rigorous stability and performance analysis, we evaluate whether or not short-duration ambient shipment has any effect on the immediate and long-term product quality.

Ambient shipping reduces the amount of packaging your order requires, which saves energy, decreases waste, and eases storage and handling requirements. And of course, there is no impact on product performance—you'll get the same great results you've come to trust from Life TechnologiesTM products.

Each year we now ship 300,000 fewer EPS coolers and use 2,444 fewer metric tons of refrigerant, reducing waste for customers, and cutting carbon emissions.

See below for products now shipping ambient. View performance data, white papers, and more.

Shipping and Storage Conditions

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