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Video: DNA Sequencing's Promise for Personalized Medicine

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Teen's lives changed DNA Sequencing Changes Teens’ Lives
The incredible story of Alexis and Noah, teenage twins who generated worldwide attention and helped pave the way for the future of personalized medicine.
Environment & Energy Environment and Energy
DNA sequencing is expected to transform not only medicine, but virtually every aspect of our lives, including the environment and how we fuel the world.
The Genetics of Cancer
For several decades, scientists have been exploring the genetic basis of cancer, and the results of that work are beginning to see real-world applications in cancer research.
Food Safety
When German public health officials were confronted with a new, deadly, and highly virulent form of E. coli, research teams turned to the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) Sequencer for answers.
Pink Ribbon pic Sequencing and Breast Cancer
Conventional cancer therapies fail in many patients, and for women with triple-negative breast cancer, the picture is particularly grim. A new study brings hope.

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