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Innovative, high-quality collections solutions designed to enable efficient PCR amplification for genotyping

Solution chemistries to improve the quantity and quality of DNA isolated from forensic samples.

Quantification of amplifiable human DNA that is present in a sample, and have been validated for human identification applications.

Sensitivity of PCR chemistry and the power of multicolor fluorescence technology to enable robust, reliable results for human identification applications.

Capillary electrophoresis instrument systems validated by the human identification community.

Data analysis software designed to perform sizing, allele calling, mixture analysis, and statistical calculations.

Other HID resources

Additional external forensic industry resources.

Customized training programs with forensically trained specialists and field service engineers to assist with the adoption and integration of new technology.

We offer training courses for HID casework workflows, data analysis software, and genetic analysis instruments and kits—with choices for training at your facility, at our training center, or online.

Designing and implementing robotic systems from a variety of vendors to help improve lab efficiency and throughput.