Q: What is the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit?
A: The Identifiler® Direct kit is a short tandem repeat (STR) kit developed to directly amplify the 16 loci included in the Identifiler® kit from single source samples spotted on FTA® cards (e.g. offender DNA database samples, paternity samples, casework reference samples); no DNA extraction or purification is required.

Q: When will the Identifiler® Direct kit be available?
A: The kit is expected to be available in the fall of 2009. A trial-size kit will be available at this time, but only as an introductory offer. Trial-size kits will contain 200 reactions, with a maximum of 1 kit orderable per laboratory. The trial-size kit will be distributed with a customer letter that describes the kit, and includes several recommended experiments to help customers evaluate the kit.

Q: Is the Identifiler® Direct kit sold in different package sizes?
A: The Identifiler® Direct kit is available in one package size of 1000 reactions. Trial size kits with 200 reactions will be available for a limited time when the kit is launched (see above).

Q: Were the primer sequences changed from the primer sequences used in the Identifiler® kit?
A: No, the Identifiler® Direct kit uses the same primer sequences as the Identifiler® kit.

Q: What are the automation requirements for the Identifiler® Direct kit?
A: By eliminating DNA extraction and purification, the Identifiler® Direct kit facilitates high-throughput processing with a simple, easy-to-automate protocol that requires a less sophisticated and less expensive robotic platform. Identifiler® Direct PCR reactions can be set-up using any basic liquid handling system capable of precise and reliable pipetting of low volumes of liquids (i.e. 25µl). In addition, the Identifiler® Direct kit will be validated by Applied Biosystems for use with the HID EVOlution™ System.

Q: On which CE instrument platforms is the Identifiler® Direct kit supported?
A: The Identifiler® Direct kit is designed for use in medium-high throughput environments, and therefore is being internally validated on the 3130xl and 3730 platforms only. The Identifiler® Direct kit can also be run on the 3100 and 3130 platforms, and some customer test site laboratories plan on validating the Identifiler® Direct kit on these platforms. However, because of the medium-high throughput focus of the Identifiler® Direct kit, the 310 platform will not be supported.

Q: Will the Identifiler® Direct kit work with any punch size, or with different PCR reaction volumes?
A: The Identifiler Direct Kit is optimized specifically for 1.2mm discs in a 25µl PCR reaction volume. The kit is designed to overcome the inhibition present when processing unpurified samples in a 25µl PCR reaction volume, and increasing the disc size or reducing the PCR reaction volume can cause the quality of the results to deteriorate.

Q: Will the Identifiler® Direct kit work with single source samples that are not spotted on FTA® cards?
A: The chemistry has been optimized to work on buccal and blood samples spotted on FTA® cards. In order to use a blood or buccal sample that is not spotted on an FTA® card, a separate lysis step is required.