Biologics improve the quality of life for humans and animals worldwide. Quality requirements, global supply needs and manufacturing efficiency are critical to biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Thermo Fisher Scientific brings decades of bioprocessing experience and knowledge, a collaborative customer-focused approach, performance-tested and reliable technologies, and products and services to drive your success.


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Discover how to monitor, identify, maximize, software and scale using process mass spectrometry in biotechnology to protect your batches.

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It can take years to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant; once it’s produced it then has to go through a vigorous testing process to ensure it meets industry standards. Implementing single-use technology can drastically reduce this time scale, making the production process much more efficient. 

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Fermentation is the term used by microbiologists to describe the production of a compound by means of the mass culture of a microorganism. This product can either be the cell itself (biomass production), the microorganism’s own metabolite or a foreign product. 

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See how Thermo Scientific customized fluid transfer systems can simplify adherent cell culture production.

The high scanning speeds and reproducible measurements make it ideal for process development laboratories that require a highly precise, multi-port magnetic sector gas analyzer. 

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Antibody and Cell Culture Information

The production of therapeutic antibodies and proteins is one of the fastest growing sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, where accuracy and consistency in bioprocessing can pose challenges.

Cellular and Stem Cell Information

Challenges in the production of cellular therapies are many, including safe navigation in a dynamic regulatory landscape, quality and consistency of processes, and safety and productivity, all in a cost-effective manner. 

Vaccine Information

As the global demand for vaccine doses dramatically increases, the need for highly efficient manufacturing processes, collaborative technical resources and a global supply partnership between vaccine producers and their suppliers is now an absolute necessity. 

Bioproduction Resource Library

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, videos, webinars, and white papers for bioproduction.

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