Single-Use Bioprocessing

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The biotherapeutic market has been rapidly adopting single-use technologies to reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies. Single-use technologies have been proven to be robust and scalable from lab/scale-up to cGMP production applications including, single-use bioprocessing equipment, flexible containment, and rigid containment product portfolios.

Lab/Scale Up

Our single-use products and solutions are used in all bioprocessing application steps in research, R&D, process development, early stage clinical trials (as defined as labscale)


The late stage clinical trials and cGMP manufacturing (as defined in Production)


In support of our single use solutions, we offer services ranging from process development services to preventative maintenance for hardware systems

Single-use technologies product highlights

Bioreactor platforms designed as stirred-tank reactors for animal cell culture, utilizing single-use product contact surfaces.

BPCs are single-use, flexible container systems commonly used for critical liquid-handling applications in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Single-use mixing products for liquid–liquid and powder–liquid mixing of media, buffers, intermediates and final products.

Bring your bioproduction processes together seamlessly with an extensive range of standard and customized fluid transfer products.

Our systems are designed to meet the high demands of industrial microbiology with efficient mass transfer, mixing, and temperature control.

Our portfolio of reusable support containers accommodates a range of functionalities and chamber dimensions.

A proven solution for large-scale production of cells, vaccines, and therapeutic proteins, these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratory-scale cell culture products.

These bottles offer leak-proof storage for sensitive liquids, buffers, media, and more. They are available in PC, PETG, and HDPE, and in volumes ranging from 30 mL to 20 L.

Container cleanliness is critical. Understanding different cleanliness and validation options, as well as their impact, can help you to identify quality products that will not influence the integrity of your product.

When using carboys for critical applications, standard laboratory carboys won't do. Supporting documentation, choices and designs sensitive to the necessary cleaning validations are just a few things to look for.

Featured customer highlights

CMC Biologics discusses single-use technology

Three CMC Biologics executives share their perspective of single-use technology and the significance of working with a reliable partner such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, which include: redundancy of supply, reliability with regards to timing and quality, and collaborative approach to meeting customer needs.

Cytovance Testimonial Single-Use Technologies

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a key partner in establishing manufacturing and development capabilities, enabling Cytovance to expand offerings, to better serve clients.


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