TaqMan® Non-coding RNA Assays provide a highly reliable way to measure expression of long non-coding transcripts. These assays are based on TaqMan® Assays technology to help provide the high specificity and sensitivity you need for quantification and validation studies.

  • Provides high sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range and unsurpassed data quality
  • Requires no design expertise and delivers faster time-to-results
  • Works under universal cycling conditions
  • Detects only non-coding RNA transcripts

TaqMan® Non-coding RNA Assays detect only the target non-coding transcript. This capability is an alternative to using TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays which are designed to detect one or more coding transcripts of the same gene. TaqMan® Non-coding Assays are designed using the most up-to-date ncRNA annotations from NCBI and RNAdb. To help facilitate the microarray validation workflow, we also offer a number of assays for transcripts that are available on Invitrogen NCode™ Noncoding RNA Arrays.

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General Specifications

Pre-formulated assay (20x or 60x mix):
  • 2 unlabeled PCR primers (900 nM each final 1X reaction concentration; 150 nM final 1X reaction concentration
  • 1 FAM™ dye-labeled TaqMan® MGB probe (250 nM final 1X reaction concentration)
Documentation:On compact disc:
  • MSDS Formamide
  • MSDS Non-formamide
  • Protocol
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Understanding your Shipment
  • Assay Info File
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Data Sheet
Printed copies of above documents
Assay Information File:Includes Sales Order Information, List of Contents (Assay ID, Part Number, Expiration Date, & Lot Number), Annotation Information (Gene Symbol, Gene Name, Entrez Gene ID, Transcript Accession & Location on Transcript) and Design Details (Context sequence, Amplicon size)
  • 2D barcode laser-etched on the bottom of each assay tube
  • 1D barcode printed on each rack of tubes

Shipping and Storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.
Store at –15ºC to –25ºC.

White Paper: Ambient Temperature Shipping Reduces Environmental Impact and Retains Quality and Stability

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