E-PAGE™ gels run in the specially designed E-Base™ electrophoresis bases, which combine the base and the power source in one device. The E-Base™ devices are compatible with the Society for Biomolecules Screening (SBS)-standard plate size and can be conveniently mounted on liquid handling robot decks.

Please note:

  • The E-Base™ can run E-Gel® 96, E-Gel® 48, E-PAGE™ 96, or E-PAGE™ 48 systems.
  • The E-PAGE™ gels are not compatible with old models of the E-Gel® 96 bases (mother and daughter bases).

E-Base™ device

Two types of E-Base™ device bases are available:

  1. The mother E-Base™ device (Figure 1) which contains an electrical plug that can be connected directly to an electrical outlet and is used for electrophoresis of one E-PAGE™ gel.
  2. The daughter E-Base™ device (Figure 2) which connects to the mother E-Base™ and to other daughter E-Base™ devices for the simultaneous electrophoresis of two or more E-PAGE™ gels. Please note that the daughter E-Base™ does NOT contain an electrical plug and cannot be used without a mother base.

Each base has a power/program button and a timer button on the lower right side of the base for controlling your electrophoresis run. The lower left side of each base contains a lighted LED and a digital timer display (00–99) that indicates where your gel is in the running process.

Two programs are pre-set in the E-Base™ units:

  • E-PAGE™ 96 gel run programmed for 14 minutes
  • E-Gel® 96 DNA gel run programmed for 12 minutes

For E-PAGE™ 48 gels, use the protein program extended to 23 minutes due to the longer running distance.

E-Holder™ platform

The E-Holder™ Platform is designed to hold E-Gel® 48 and 96 gels during robotic loading. Use the E-Holder™ Platform when you need to load multiple gels on a robotic platform while other gels are running on the E-Base™ Device.

Figure 1. Mother E-Base™ device

Mother E-Base™ Device

Figure 2. Mother/daughter E-Base™ devices

Mother and Daugher E-Base devices

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