Arrays? RNAseq? Choosing the right tool for the job

Learn more about how to select the most appropriate technology platform to address your transcriptome research:

  • Discovering coding and non-coding genes, as well as splice variants
  • High sensitivity to analyse difficult samples such as FFPE tissue
  • Simple and fast data analysis with free software

Watch a webinar on how Clariom assays can overcome the limitations of whole transcriptome RNA-Seq.


Choose the best technology

Scientists widely acknowledge that there are specific applications best served by arrays and others by RNA-Seq. How do you choose the right tool?

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Data to insight in minutes

Quickly transform data into discovery with this easy-to-use, free analysis software. Learn how we've made expression analysis easy.

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Small samples, big insights

Reveal the underlying biology in subpopulations of cells with the most flexible and sensitive sample prep kit for precise transcriptome analysis.

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