Ultrasonic flow meters for liquids – oil, sludge and slurry flow measurement

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The in-line measurement of bulk solids flow is important for product quality, process efficiency, and system safety. Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ systems provide continuous, real-time flow measurement of free-falling materials or dense phase, pneumatically conveyed bulk solids.

Thermo Scientific ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for measuring parameters of liquid, slurry, and sludge flow processes in a variety of applications—from water resource management to petrochemical and oil refining. Ultrasonic flowmeters can be applied quickly and easily to pipes of all sizes, or retrofitted onto existing applications, with no leaks, no downtime, or pressure loss.

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Featured flow meters

Ramsey™ DE10 and DE20 Impact Weighers

SX30 Portable Dual Frequency Doppler Flowmeter

SX40 Dedicated Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) Flowmeter


Achieve continuous mass flow measurement in mechanical conveying systems without interrupting the flow of material using the Ramsey DE10 and DE20 Impact Weighers.

Measure velocity, flow rate, and volumetric flow with a rugged, portable digital correlation transit time flowmeter.

Reliably measure the flow of clean liquids using a unique digital correlation technique.

Reduce errors in the flow measurement of fluids containing particulates by combining Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology with digital signal processing.

Operate in a broad range of applications using Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology with digital signal processing.

Ensure leak-free measurement with zero pressure drop with the Thermo Scientific TX10 Dedicated Transit Time Flowmeter, featuring non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers.

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Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO XL Six-Run Expandable EFM/RTU
Simplify installation for high point–count systems.

Thermo Scientific AutoMITTER PRO Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter
Simplify maintenance and minimize capital expenses.

Thermo Scientific AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer
Measure natural gas and petroleum liquids simultaneously.

Thermo Scientific SGD-O Density Gauge for Fracturing and Cementing
Precisely monitor fluid density.


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