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From microsampling to headspace applications, you'll find the right vials and closures to match your application and autosampler requirements from our comprehensive portfolio. With a focus on improved sample security and integrity, we offer the innovative Thermo Scientific™ AVCS™ 9mm closures and SureStop™ 9mm screw top vials for consistent productivity on every separation.

Featured vials and closures products

Vials and closures categories

We have vials and closures to fit every autosampler. They are the preferred choice for modern autosamplers.

Includes snap, screw and crimp caps as preassembled cap/septa combinations and individual caps, septa or plugs.  

Vial inserts allow microsampling in standard vials. For multipurpose applications use inserts with polyspring.  

Our convenient vial kits are available as unassembled or pre-assembled kits.

Fully lot tested for HPLC and GC analysis with a Certificate of Conformance in every pack. For MS applications and trace analysis, use pre-cleaned MSCert Vial Kits.

These specialty vials include EPA, headspace, pre-cleaned, sample storage and shell vials.  

This labeling system transfers text, graphics, barcodes, and logos directly onto your vials for accurate identification.

Our crimpers produce secure, repeatable crimps and our decrimpers remove seals with minimized risk of damage.

Our robust vial racks and accessories are recognized for their quality, reliability, and consistency.

Our well plates and seals are used for different types of analytical challenges and chromatographic applications.

Featured Virtuoso™ Vial Identification System videos