National Scientific Sample Handling Products and Accessories — Meeting your sample handling needs

Meeting your sample handling needs

Laboratory professionals look to Thermo Scientific National products (formerly National Scientific products) to meet their critical sample handling needs.

Our portfolio contains a comprehensive selection of sample handling solutions to match all of your application and autosampler requirements. The portfolio focuses on improved sample security and integrity with the Thermo Scientific AVCS 9mm closures and the Thermo Scientific SureStop 9mm screw top vial range.

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Our comprehensive selection of vials and closures are the preferred choice for modern autosamplers. They fit most applications, offer improved sample security and integrity, and provide the assurance of uninterrupted productivity for every separation and analysis.

Minimize the risk of cross-contamination and save time. Designed for well plate-compatible autosamplers, WebSeal well plates and mats have been tested for chromatography applications and ensure sample integrity and reliability.

Eliminate manual labeling and bring greater productivity to your lab. The innovative Virtuoso system transfers text, graphics, barcodes, and logos directly onto your vials thereby ensuring accurate sample identity, sample security, and traceability.

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. Our manual crimpers are reliable and easy to use. Our electronic crimpers provide adjustable settings for compatibility and crimp-force sensing that automatically determines a proper seal.

Remove interfering materials and fine particles from a wide range of samples for more consistent and reliable results. These high quality robust syringe filters offer lower extractibles for a cleaner sample, higher burst pressures, and improved flow through.

Use certified clean, low particle, low background vials for your LC/MS, GC/MS, and chromatography high sensitivity applications. Our Certified Vial Kits (assembled and unassembled) are fully lot-tested and every pack comes with a Certificate of Conformance.