Exceptionally high resolution, high efficiency protein characterization

Exceptionally high resolution, high efficiency protein characterization

High resolution and high efficiency set these columns apart. For excellent analytical characterization of proteins, we offer a full range of Thermo Scientific™ affinity, ion exchange, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, and size exclusion columns for your protein sample.

Popular protein HPLC columns

ProPac™ WCX-10 LC Columns

Accucore™ 150-C4 LC Columns

BioBasic™ SEC 1000 LC Columns

Protein LC column categories

The unique column chemistry of these columns deliver just what's needed for proteins with ionic characteristics—high resolution and high efficiency, making these the best columns on the market for your charged protein samples. 

These silica protein columns are the ones to use for fast, simple reversed phase separations of proteins with high resolution. Our unique monoliths offer rapid mass transfer for faster separations at low back pressure.

The unique chemistry of these columns provide reproducible, high-efficiency protein separations. The extra-sharp peaks enable accurate and reproducible quantitation or the collection of highly pure and concentrated sample for further analyses.

The surface chemistry of these hydrophobic interaction (HIC) columns set them apart. Producing excellent resolution with various selectivities, they are ideal for separating proteins under non-denaturing conditions.

The pore volumes of these columns have been optimized for the separation of proteins, including monoclonal antibodies and their aggregates or fragments.

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