• Dye set: G5
  • Reaction volume: 25µL
  • Primer sequences maintained
  • Amplicon size: <360 bp
  • Species specificity
  • Precision
  • Profile quality
  • Allelic ladder balance


  • Master mix formulation
  • Enzyme in PCR buffer
  • Primer mix formulation
  • Higher concentration 9947A Control DNA
  • PCR cycling conditions
  • PCR cycle number
  • 1000 reactions/kit

The Identifiler® Direct kit maintains the key structure of the Identifiler® kit—ensuring that data can be compared directly to any other data produced by the Identifiler®, Profiler Plus®, COfiler® and MiniFiler™ kits—along with specific modifications to support direct amplification.

Other modifications include a higher concentration of 9947A control DNA, which enables laboratories to obtain profiles if amplifying using less than 28 cycles. A larger kit size has also been developed for this chemistry to better suit higher throughput environments.