The AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit is suitable for any single source DNA sample spotted onto an FTA® card, including:

  • Criminal DNA database samples
  • Paternity samples
  • Casework reference samples

This kit utilizes advances in PCR buffer formulation to amplify the 16 loci included in the Identifiler® kit without the need to perform any DNA extraction or purification. All you need to do is punch a 1.2 mm disc from a standard FTA® card, add PCR reagents and go straight to amplification.

The Identifiler® Direct kit simplifies and improves the current workflow by:

  • eliminating extraction and purification, which reduces labor and consumable costs
  • facilitating high-throughput processing with a simple, easy-to-automate protocol that requires a less sophisticated and less expensive robotic platform
  • accelerating the time to result while maintaining high profile quality
  • reducing the number of pre-amplification processing steps, which minimizes the possibility of contamination or other procedural errors