The AmpFℓSTR® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification Kit, the world's first commercially available 9-plex miniature STR amplification kit, is expected to revolutionize the way forensic scientists process casework samples by significantly increasing the ability to obtain information from DNA evidence, specifically inhibited and/or degraded samples. By combining innovative primer design, improved PCR amplification conditions, and a proprietary master mix, the MiniFiler™ Kit provides increased sensitivity, robust results in the presence of inhibition, and improved discrimination for casework samples.

MiniFiler™ Kit is expected to impact the following areas of forensic science:

  • Casework: Older cases that produced minimal to no DNA results can be re-evaluated using MiniFiler™ Kit to obtain conclusive results.
  • Missing Persons Identification: Unidentified remains, including bone samples 60 years old, have produced results using the MiniFiler™ Kit, making identification possible.
  • Disaster Victim Identification: Disaster situations often leave behind the most inhibited samples making identification nearly impossible. The MiniFiler™ Kit offers the most advanced technology to amplify DNA in the presence of the toughest inhibitors.

Read Art Eisenberg's evaluation of the MiniFiler™ Kit and how additional genetic data can be obtained in comparison to current commercially available amplification systems. (657 KB PDF)