The Automate Express™ System utilizes two different configurations of PrepFiler™ chemistry, which has been specifically designed to improve the quantity and quality of DNA isolated from forensic samples.

The PrepFiler Express™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit is suitable for the majority of standard sample types encountered in forensic laboratories such as bodily fluids on different substrates including FTA paper, cotton swabs, cotton cloth, denim and many others.

The PrepFiler Express BTA™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit was designed specifically for challenging samples such as bones, teeth and adhesive based samples such as cigarette butts and tape lifts.

Both formats come with all the reagents and plastic components including the PrepFiler LySep™ Columns needed to perform 52 DNA extractions on the AutoMate Express Instrument*. Plastics-only kits are also available in the 2 formats including 52 sets of all the plastic components.

PrepFiler™ chemistry is also available in configurations designed for manual extraction and higher throughput robotic platforms. To learn more about PrepFiler™ chemistry and these other configurations, click here.