More colonies. More information. One plate.

Whether you're processing clinical, environmental or manufacturing samples, it's always best to learn as much as you can as quickly as you can. That's why we bring together some of the most widely used, high-performing culture media formulations and put them on a single plate. Our goal is to help you do more, learn more and grow more with less.

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XLD Agar / Brilliance™ Salmonella Bi-plate

Columbia CNA Aesculin Selective Agar / MacConkey Agar No. 3 Modified

Schaedler Anaerobe Agar / Schaedler Anaerobe KV Selective Agar Biplate

Download the prepared media selection guide and use it to discover what we can offer to ensure maximum testing flexibility. Organized by organism type and by functionality, we have plates, bottles, bagged media, dip-slides, diluents and more. Take a look and find the right product to solve your next challenge.

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Clinical Microbiology

Streamline your clinical microbiology workflow with solutions at every step

Identify infections and antimicrobial susceptibility quickly and accurately to guide optimal patient care with powerful manual and automated technologies, and a comprehensive line of media.

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