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When you need to know if the threat is real

When it comes to the detection and identification of radioactive materials, chemicals, or explosive threats, ensuring that on-site teams are properly equipped requires a strategic approach. We are constantly working to protect against these threats with advanced technology and innovative instruments that offer real-time security threat detection and immediate results.

From routine security monitoring and surveillance to emergency response situations, our integrated analytical instruments help safety and security professionals detect and mitigate hazardous materials, explosives, and radiological threats to keep the public, and themselves, safe.

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Safety and security threat detection categories

Minimize time on target with lightweight, portable instruments that enable quick decision making in the hazard zone. We offer radiation detectors to protect military personnel searching for WMDs, and analyzers that rapidly identify explosives and chemical weapons. 

Get actionable information in seconds. In an emergency, any number of flammable, explosive, or radioactive materials can put firefighters at risk. We offer a broad range of portable instruments to help first responders detect, identify, and mitigate any potential threat.

Locate orphaned sources, radiation contamination, and potential malicious intent sources with interactive threat detection tools. Our security threat detection instruments also help secure borders and ports of entry against illegal narcotics, synthetic drugs, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and unknown chemicals.

Quickly identify hundreds of narcotics and cutting agents using portable analyzers that bring lab-proven technology to the scene. Our instruments also provide non-contact analysis of industrial chemicals that may be precursors for explosives, narcotics, or chemical warfare agents.

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Officers' lives are at risk if they come in contact with even a small amount of fentanyl. That's why the Charles County Sheriff's Office purchased a TruNarc analyzer.

“The safety of our officers is one of our top priorities, and the TruNarc allows us to safely identify controlled dangerous substances quickly and accurately without having to wait on lab results. The community will benefit because we will be able to charge suspects sooner and more precisely.”
– Charles County Sheriff’s Office

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