From the Applied Biosystems® Sanger sequencing technology that powered the sequencing of the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana, to next-generation instruments with superior accuracy, to the first benchtop sequencer available, the Ion PGM™ sequencer, Life Technologies has sequencing platforms to empower your plant sciences research. Our instruments are backed by the industry’s widest portfolio of optimized reagents, high-quality consumables, and simplified analysis solutions, as well as access to our world-class technical support.

Plant sciences research applications enabled by sequencing technologies

Plant de novo genome sequencing

Plant genome sequencing powered by Ion™ semiconductor sequencing offers fast, affordable genome and exome sequencing in plants. This is fundamental not only to answering basic research questions but also to designing the next-generation of crop plants.


QTL mapping and marker-assisted selection

Life Technologies offers effective, high-throughput sequencing solutions for marker-assisted selection for hundreds of markers and seed or plant samples through fragment analysis and semiconductor sequencing.


Plant genotyping 

Next-generation sequencing has simplified SNP discovery and made it much more cost effective. Discover new SNPs in important crop variants using a genotyping by sequencing strategy on the Ion PGM™ sequencer, then confirm your discoveries by Sanger sequencing.


Plant Gene Expression Analysis

Transcriptome sequencing has never been easier than with the Ion PGM™ sequencer or the Ion Proton™ systems. If your goal is to profile the entire plant transcriptome or to use RNA sequencing to reduce the complexity of a large, complex and polyploid genome, we have the right solutions for you