Helping you get the most from your cell culture

Put our media analytics expertise to work for you. To help you increase yield, simplify feeding regimes, and optimize production economics, we analyze the major nutritional components in your spent media samples. Experienced in media optimization, process development, and analytical testing, Gibco BioProduction Services scientists generate data on validated instrumentation using optimized protocols for cell culture media.

Spent media analytical services:
Analysis Technique
Amino acid UPLC
Water Soluble Vitamin HPLC/UPLC
Trace Elements ICP
Glucose/Lactate Bioanalyzer
Cholesterol GC
Pluronic™ media & supplements
For fresh media or stability studies
Polyamines HPLC
o-Phosphate Colorimetric
glutaMAX™ media & supplements HPLC
Components in amino acid analysis
Ammonia Ethanolamine HCL L-Isooleucine L-Serine
L-Alanine L-Glutamic Acid L-Leucine L-Threonine
L-Arginine L-Glutamine L-Lysine HCI L-Tryptophan
L-Asparagine Glycine L-Methionine L-Tyrosine
L-Aspartic Acid L-Histidine L-Phenylalanine L-Valine
L-Cystine/L-Cysteine L-Hydroxyproline L-Proline  
Components in water-soluble vitamin analysis
Cyanocobalamin (B-12) Niacinamide Phenol Red L-Tryptophan
Folic Acid Thiamine HCI Riboflavin  

Comprehensive list of components included in amino acid and water-soluble vitamin analysis.

Stability studies

We perform stability studies on media samples at specified time points and durations.