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In October 2012, Life Technologies acquired Compendia Bioscience, a preeminent cancer bioinformatics company whose products and services are widely used by the pharmaceutical industry, academic researchers, and biotech companies to identify novel gene targets for research and drug development.

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Life Technologies looks forward to supporting these products and services for cancer researchers in academic and commercial organizations.  

Academic and nonprofit cancer researchers

Free access to Oncomine™ Research Edition is available for nonprofit and academic cancer researchers with a valid institutional email address,† following registration.

Start-ups and small companies

Rapidly prioritize targets based on mutations, copy number variants, and differential expression.

*Compendia Bioscience™ and Oncomine™ products are now available at Life Technologies. Register at Life Technologies to purchase products and request quotes on-line. To gain access to Compendia Bioscience™ products and services today, please contact
†Not available in certain countries where trade is restricted by embargo or other regulations.