What is changing for Compendia Bioscience customers?

The ordering process for Oncomine™ products is changing. You should now place orders directly with Life Technologies–online using our award-winning website, by fax, or by email. With this change, you can now combine Compendia Bioscience and Life Technologies products into one order. Oncomine™ product documentation will now bear the Life Technologies brand.

What is not changing for Compendia Bioscience customers?

This change is limited to our ordering process only. Our support and commitment to our customers remain unchanged. You can continue to reach out directly to our sales and support specialists with your questions on our software and data products, as well as our service offerings.

Whom do I contact for technical support on Oncomine™ products?

Requests for technical support should be directed to compendiasupport@lifetech.com.

Whom do I contact for an Oncomine™ quote or status of an order?

Requests for quotations should be directed to compendiasales@lifetech.com.

Where can I find information on Oncomine™ products?

Information is now available on www.lifetechnologies.com. Specific inquiries may be directed to compendiasales@lifetech.com.

How do I set up Life Technologies as a vendor?

Our vendor set-up page has all the information you need to set up Life Technologies as a vendor (such as our tax ID number and legal entity name). For assistance, please contact our customer service team.