The LiquidBiopsy Workflow

By optimizing each step of the workflow, from blood collection, to circulating tumor cell (CTC) isolation and enumeration, to library prep and sequencing with Ion Torrent technology, the LiquidBiopsy platform enables you to accurately profile mutations of interest for clinical research.

Comprehensive two-day workflow from blood sample to variant data

The LiquidBiopsy Platform is part of a comprehensive, two-day workflow that enables genomic research reporting data on CTCs and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from a single blood sample. The LiquidBiopsy instrument automates isolation of CTCs from blood samples. DNA from isolated cells and isolated cfDNA are pooled with DNA from germline white blood cells on a single chip and sequenced on an Ion Torrent™ sequencer. Resulting data may be analyzed using Ion Reporter™ Software.

The LiquidBiopsy Workflow enables the isolation of CTCs and molecular characterization of cfDNA and CTC DNA from a single blood sample. This research workflow may impact therapy response and recurrence in the future.

The LiquidBiopsy Platform automates flow cell priming, blood sample loading, target cell isolation, and immunofluoresence labeling of captured cells on the flow chip. Achieving high target cell recovery and exceptional purity, the platform enables both enumeration and downstream molecular characterization of rare cells.

  • Along with the Ion Torrent sequencer, it offers a comprehensive, cost-effective, sample-to-sequence workflow.
  • It is uniquely suited to low-input DNA sequencing without the need for whole-genome amplification.
  • It enables highly multiplexed analyses on serially collected archived blood samples.
  • It achieves <1% limit of detection critical to clinical research.
  • It offers rapid turnaround time; the sample-to-variant data workflow is typically completed in 2 days.

Change your thinking

“The results we have obtained from the LiquidBiopsy next-generation sequencing workflow are concordant with solid tumor samples. Because we’re able to sequence both cell-free DNA and circulating tumor cells from a single blood sample, we are able to obtain a more complete view of the tumor mutation profile in our clinical research. With the possibility to overcome many of the limitations associated with obtaining tumor samples today, the LiquidBiopsy NGS workflow is changing the way we think about peripheral monitoring in oncology research.”

Massimo Cristofanilli, MD
Associate Director for Precision Medicine and Translational Research
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University

High capture rate and sample purity with the LiquidBiopsy Flow Chip

At the center of the LiquidBiopsy Platform is a proprietary flow chip that uses antibody-based positive selection to enable CTC enumeration and downstream molecular analysis using NGS, eliminating the need for whole-genome amplification, a process that typically introduces false positives in the data.

The high capture rate is the result of an EpCAM-based methodology that also allows for a cocktail of antibodies to be used for a more diverse cell recovery. The design helps ensure a high rate of capture of mutation-bearing tumor cells while avoiding impurity, or the unwanted binding of nontarget cells to the surfaces of the separation device.

  • Enables <1% limit of detection
  • Highly pure CTC capture that facilitates downstream NGS analysis
  • CTCs are immunocaptured from a ferromagnetic fluid
  • Nontarget cells flow out of the chip
  • Embedded ferromagnetic grid structure enables cell enumeration
  • 2–7.5 mL (whole blood) sample input
  • 1.5–3 hours on-platform assay time

Low-DNA input capability

Using the power of Ion AmpliSeq technology, the platform allows for multiplexing samples, and yields more data from low DNA-input commonly obtained from CTCs.

Highly sensitive multiplexing

The instrument manifold houses four flow chips, accelerating turnaround time for higher-throughput laboratories. Combined with Ion Torrent technology, the LiquidBiopsy workflow is a scalable, cost-effective solution that allows analysis of incremental numbers of samples to effectively support research applications without the need to batch samples.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

LiquidBiopsy is a trademark of Cynvenio Biosystems, Inc. The LiquidBiopsy Platform is available worldwide, except in Greater China. Please contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for more information.