Completely redesigned to be faster, more intuitive and with a dedicated Mac OS® X version Vector NTI® Express Software retains the core, trusted tools of Vector NTI Advance® Software with a brand new interface.

Built on a new platform, Vector NTI® Express Software supports the future of bioinformatics and synthetic biology with a plug-in architecture to consistently deliver new tools and functionality.

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What's New in Vector NTI® Express Software

  • Brand New Interface. Find and use tools quickly and easily with an intuitive and streamlined interface. Vector NTI® Express Software introduces an internet browser-like functionality to switch between projects in a tabular view.
  • Dedicated Mac OS® X Support. Vector NTI® Express Software runs on Mac OS® X without the need for emulation solutions. Windows® 7 and Windows® XP operating systems are also supported.
  • Plug-In Architecture. New Bioinformatics tools from Thermo Fisher Scientific will be delivered seamlessly through automatic updates to the existing software. Vector NTI® Express Software will check for these new tools automatically in addition to refinements to existing tools so you can have full confidence your software is up to date. Vector NTI® Express will check for these new tools automatically in addition to refinements to existing tools so you can have full confidence your software is up to date.
  • Prescribed Workflows. Projects such as Contig-assembly and Gateway® and TOPO® cloning are now performed in a step-by-step workflow. Quickly identify suitable Gateway® or TOPO® vectors from your library and build your clones with ease.
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Support. Bam File outputs from NGS platforms such as Ion Torrent PGM™, SOLiD®, and Illumina® HiSeq® platforms that have been processed into FASTA File format (we recommend tools such as SAM tools and Picard) can be read into Vector NTI® Express Software for analysis.
  • EMBOSS Algorithms. Standards-Based Bioinformatics Algorithms, Import Support for Analysis File Types (BED, GFF, GTF), Compare Annotation on a Genome—Multi-Track Analysis (Gene, Promoter, Multiple Splice Variants, Transcript, Protein, and Terminator), and intersections to create new annotations.
  • Molecule Relationships. New tools for studying DNA-protein relationships, including translation, reverse-translation, and codon optimization.

Performing multiple sequence alignments with the new interface of Vector NTI®Express Software 

Prescribed workflows make projects such as Contig-Assembly and Gateway® cloning easy to perform, step-by-step.