Combine the Expi293™ and ambr™ systems for automated protein expression

The breakthrough Expi293™ Expression System can be combined with the TAP Biosystems ambr™ Advanced Micro Bioreactor System to provide major advantages in transient protein expression. The increases in consistency and productivity inherent in both systems multiply to deliver a highly efficient automated cell culture platform for small-scale transient protein expression.

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Expi293™ Expression System

ambr™ Advanced Micro Bioreactor System

The Expi293™ Expression System is a major advancement in transient expression technology for rapid and ultrahigh-yield protein production in mammalian cells.

The ability to deliver up to 10x greater protein yields allows you to:

  • Use smaller culture volumes to obtain the protein they need
  • Reduce the cost per milligram of protein produced

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the Expi293™ Expression System

The ambr™ system combines single-use micro-scale bioreactor vessels with online culture monitoring and an automated liquid- handling platform, for hands-free setup and maintenance of up to forty-eight 15 mL cell cultures in parallel, with minimal hands-on work.

The ambr™ system combines with the Expi293™ system to:

  • Provide an automated platform for small-scale expression of up to 48 proteins at a time
  • Increase productivity by reducing labor and operator time
  • Increase consistency and quality of protein expression with real-time control of pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Provide process optimization capability and enhanced scalability for large-scale transient expression projects

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Advanced Micro Bioreactor System