Photo-reactive biotinylation reagents are used for biotinylating proteins, peptides, and other molecules for use as molecular probes with streptavidin conjugates. These reagents contain a photoactivatable group that is chemically inert until it is exposed to ultraviolet light and initiate addition reactions with double bonds, insertion into C–H and N–H sites, or subsequent ring expansion to react with a nucleophile (e.g., primary amines).

Choose the right photo-reactive biotinylation reagent for your experiment

Product categories Product Product features Spacer arm (Å) Water  soluble? Cleavable? Membrane permeable?
Psoralen-PEG3-Biotin Light-activates to intercalate and label RNA or DNA 36.9 Yes  No  No

High-efficiency, photoreactive biotinylation reagent 33.4 No
No  Yes
Photoactivatable Biotin
Eliminates the need for radioactive, short half-lived DNA probes 30