Our digital ecosystem simplifies lab management so you can focus on the complexities of science

From streamlined inventory management and increased workplace collaboration to remote experiment monitoring and analysis, we are dedicated to developing innovative science solutions that help accelerate the future of the digital lab.

Web ordering (B2C)

An online destination for rich background research content, complete product information, product selection tools, and commerce for organizations of all sizes without contracts.

  • Education and support tools
  • Complete product information and selection tools

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  • Vendor convenience

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eProcurement (B2B)

An online destination for rich background research content, complete product information, product selection tools, and marketplace-compatible commerce for organizations with set contract pricing.

  • Electronic commerce
  • Punchout to website
  • Customized catalogs
  • ePOs and e-invoicing
  • Approval routing
  • Compatible with most systems and formats

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Onsite stocking

A combined online inventory management software and onsite stocking solution.

  • Access products in time of need
  • Customized onsite stocking and flexible inventory models
  • Consolidated ordering and shipping

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A device-friendly solution for lab and experiment monitoring, accessing content and resources, and making purchases.

  • Get access to information anywhere, anytime
  • Education
  • Protocols
  • Ordering

Thermo Fisher Connect

A suite of cloud-based scientific analysis, remote instrument access, data storage, and collaboration software.

  • Securely store your data in the cloud
  • Remotely access your lab’s connected instruments anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful, scalable, and secure computing capabilities

You need a partner that is committed to delivering flexible business solutions that meet your unique requirements, and our eSolutions are designed to do just that.

Ordering through our website is always on—whether you're placing orders, checking orders, or accessing the documents & tools you need.

  • Quickly order and re-order products
  • Track order status
  • Find the right product for your experiment with full product guides and technical documents
  • Learn from our experts on total workflow solutions

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Ordering through eProcurement

Thermo Fisher Scientific is currently partnered with 40+ eProcurement solution providers—from web-based PunchOut, to online catalog, to full integration with eInvoicing.

  • Minimize requisition times
  • Reduce manual intervention and error handling in ordering and invoicing
  • Facilitate order consolidation—a source of cost savings
  • Faster turnaround—streamlined order process through your eProcurement system

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Ordering through our onsite stocking program (Supply Center)

The Supply Center onsite stocking program provides convenient access to products essential to your research.

  • Consolidate your orders and shipments
  • Reduce freight, ordering and invoicing costs
  • Immediate availability of your products 24/7
  • Online inventory management
  • The most environmentally friendly purchasing solution

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