The tables below highlight specific service and delivery time frames. Delivery schedules may be affected by demand fluctuations. We make every effort to deliver your high quality oligonucleotides as quickly as possible

Tubes Delivery Schedule

Type of Oligonucleotides Approximate Delivery Time 
Desalted unmodified <=50 bases. 50nmol or 200nmol
4-6 days
Desalted 51-100 bases; phosphorylated oligonucleotides, cartridge purified and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides 
8-10 days
3’ & 5’modified 2-3 weeks
HPLC and PAGE purity oligonucleotides; 1 µmole scale, 10 µmole scale 
2-3 weeks

Plate Delivery Schedule

Number of Plates Approximate Delivery Time
1-4 plates 2-3 weeks
5-8 plates 2-3 weeks
9-14 plates 2-3 weeks
15-21 plates 3-4 weeks
21-35 plates 3-4 weeks
36 or more plates Inquire