Countess™ Automated Cell Counter


Easy, accurate, and
convenient cell counting

Silver award winner, 2009 IBO
Industrial Design of
Analytical Instruments

Count cells and check viability
in just 30 seconds without
a hemocytometer.

Easily transfer data and images to your own PC.

For a limited time, get the Countess for the incredible price
of only $5,800!*

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Learn more about the Countess™ Automated Cell Counter.

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Neon™ Transfection System


Transfect difficult-to-transfect cells, including primary and stem cells

The Neon™ Transfection System outperforms
competitor devices, with:

  • Universal kits for all cell types
  • An open system allowing transfection parameters to
    be easily adjusted

Discover the simplicity of the Neon™ Transfection System.

Purchase today and receive 2 free Neon™ Transfection System Kits!*

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HulaMixer™ Sample Mixer


You don't share pipettors outside your group. Why share sample mixers?

Stop waiting for an available mixer.

The HulaMixer™ Sample Mixer offers:

  • Adjustable speed range from 1-100 rpm
  • A combination of orbital rotation (end-over-end), reciprocal rotation (tilting) and vibration (vortexing) to your preference
  • 2 different platforms supplied to suit all kinds of
    tubes (0.5 ml - 50 ml)

Learn more about the flexible and easy to use HulaMixer™

Safe Imager™ 2.0 Blue-Light Transilluminator

Eliminate safety concerns. Enhance cloning efficiency.


Avoid the hazards of UV exposure to you and your DNA.
Remove Ethidium Bromide from your lab.

Purchase the Safe Imager 2.0 and receive FREE 2 SYBR® Safe DNA gel stains (Cat. No. S33102).

Use promotion code PSAFESYB when ordering.

Learn more about the Safe Imager™ 2.0 System.


NuPAGE® pre-cast gel system

High-performance, reliable protein electrophoresis

Get consistent results every time with fast run rates and long shelf-life gels.

Buy 4 boxes of gels, get a FREE NuPAGE® Buffer Kit and XCell Surelock® Mini-Cell.*

Use promotion code PBTSURELOCK when ordering.

Learn more about the NuPAGE® system

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Already using an Invitrogen Benchtop Instrument?

Register your instrument and you’ll receive:

  • Access to the latest device firmware upgrades (if applicable)
  • Notifications of updates associated with your instrument
  • Pre-release announcements of new products

And for a limited time, get 15% off all instruments reagents and kits!*

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  BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Purification System

Go straight from culture to plasmid. Completely automated processing with less than
5 minute hands on time.

Learn more about the
BenchPro® 2100

iBlot® Dry Blotting System


The fastest dry blotting system available!

Complete transfer in 7 minutes
or less.

Transfers protein, DNA, or RNA
Delivers high quality, reproducible results

Now with the added capability of western detection in less than 25 minutes

Only $1500—and get your first set of transfer stacks FREE!*

Use promotion code PBTIBLOT when ordering.


Learn more about the iBlot® Dry Blotting System.

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Qubit™ Quantitation Platform


Losing valuable time waiting to use a spectrophotometer?

Now you can have your own simple, fast, and easy-to-use fluorometer!

Use as little as 1 μL of sample
Distinguish between DNA, RNA, and protein

And for a limited time, buy the Qubit™ Quantitation Starter Kit
for just $990.*

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Learn more about the Qubit™ Quantitation Platform.

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BenchPro™ 4100 Western Processing System

Wasting time with tedious western blot processing?

The BenchPro 4100 Western Processing System automates the process.

Improve reproducibility and eliminate human error.

Discover the BenchPro™ 4100 System now!

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* Offers available to customers in Australia only and valid for qualifying orders received with applicable promotional code by December 17, 2010. Discounts apply to purchases at list price only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discounts. Promotion code must be mentioned at the time of ordering to receive the discount. The 15% discount on kits and reagents applies for the Neon Transfection System, Qubit fluorometer, Countess Automated Cell Counter, BenchPro 4100 Western Processing System, Safe Imager 2.0 Blue-Light Transilluminator and iBlot Gel Transfer Device. Void where prohibited by federal, state or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Other restrictions may apply.