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Gibco® Growth Factors


Gibco® growth factors are designed to give you high biological activity, high purity and proven compatibility.

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Gibco® Antibiotics and Antimycotics


Keep your irreplaceable cell cultures contamination free with our wide array of antibiotics and antimycotics.

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Recombinant Proteins


Life Technologies offers affordable, pure and tested recombinant proteins for biological performance.

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Ambion® RNAi


Life Technologies offers products for RNAi analysis in vitro and in vivo, including libraries for high-throughput applications.

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Qualifying Gibco® Cell Culture Media and Reagents and Ambion® RNAi related product categories

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Gibco® Growth FactorsRecombinant Proteins
Gibco® Antibiotics and Antimycotics Ambion® RNAi

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