Primary and Secondary Antibodies


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DAPI Nuclear Stains

A popular nuclear and chromosome counterstain, DAPI emits blue fluorescence upon binding to AT regions of DNA. Although the dye is cell impermeant, higher concentrations will enter a live cell.


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Cell Staining

Cellular Lights™ and Organelle Lights™ Reagents provide a simple and effective method for introducing targeted intracellular labels within living cells. Simply add the virus suspension to your cells, incubate overnight, and you’re ready to image your cells!

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The ProLong® Gold and SlowFade® Gold antifade reagents suppress photobleaching and preserve the signals of your fluorescently labeled target molecules.

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Everyday Imaging


Get unsurpassed imaging results with imaging kits. The combination Alexa Fluor®, Image-iT® FX Signal Enhancer, and ProLong® Gold Antifade Reagent enables you to create better images right from the start!

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